About Me


Jodi Lasky is a speaker, an entrepreneur, and the author of multiple works in progress (and a ton of government proposals, lots of white papers, and a few other random assorted things). Originally from New Jersey, Jodi now lives in Northern Virginia with the best dog in the world. A graduate of both the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University and Tulane Law School, she was not satisfied with one overpriced law degree she never used (JD), and earned a second (LLM in maritime law–and, she’ll have you know, she hates boats). She also has a degree in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown, which she swears has been useful in her misspent career.

Jodi is currently writing a novel about women’s friendships during the pandemic, since social distancing means she can’t actually engage in any friendships, and since writing proposals is boring and intense and she needs something else in her life.

When she’s not writing, Jodi is trying to find funding for her tech startup, The Pride, a company whose mission is to prevent sexual harassment and assault by engaging community members, and/or coaching startup founders. She’s spent three years learning how to optimize and prioritize time, and is passionate about helping others find the techniques that work for them.


Random Facts About Jodi:

  • Her life philosophy is from Rabbi Hillel: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, why am I here? And if not now, when?”
  • She was once asked how she handles tight deadlines. Her answer is as true now as it was then – and “then” was 20 years ago. “With any deadline you give me, I’ll rant and rave about the ridiculousness of it and how it can’t be done. And then I sit down, and get to work, and I’ve never missed a deadline.”
  • She truly believes that being a proposal writer has prepared her for working with agents and editors. 200 comments on a 15 page document from 10 different reviewers the day before the next review? Sure, no problem!
  • Her late business partner once called her “fundamentally unstable” and considered it to be a complement. (No, he’s not “late” because she killed him for saying it. Looks cannot, in fact, kill.)
  • She loves Sandra Bullock movies and would have done better in law school if Miss Congeniality had never been made. (Seriously, every semester during finals, it was on television.)
  • Why yes, she does have ADHD. Why do you ask?
  • She sleeps at least 7 hours a night and if she doesn’t, even her dog doesn’t want to be around her.